The Taste of Life

The Taste of Life

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All is one, we are in all and all is in us and when we vibrate in our authentic state, we connect and create this beautiful symphony of oneness, healing ourselves and healing the world.


I became curious about Trame when I first saw Murielle’s flyer. Throughout the years I worked with many different healing modalities.. My experience with Trame and Murielle from the onset has been consistently subtle and profound. Trame is incredibly supportive in attending to the needs of my body, emotions, mind and spirit from an energetic and holistic perspective. It releases that which no longer serves me and creates spaciousness for new possibilities. I am a full-time caregiver. Since starting Trame I can attest to a restored sense of well being. I credit Trame with being instrumental in my irritation falling (and staying) away. Sessions are once a month and I find this pleasing and practical while not compromising any of the results. Instead, each session builds on the last by giving adequate time for the shifts to take hold. Murielle’s own energetic is welcoming, gentle, warm and non-judgmental. My husband is going for Trame now too and also is experiencing benefits. I wholeheartedly recommend Trame and endorse Murielle as a dedicated practitioner of this work.

Dorry B, New Jersey

Benefits of Trame Vibrational Therapy


  • Decreased pain
  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved concentration and clarity
  • Improved relationships
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Easing of depression and anxiety symptoms
  • Greater ability to manage trauma and stress
  • Boosts the immune system

What is Trame Therapy?


Trame is a therapeutic hands-on Vibrational Therapy that works in a holistic manner to reinstate overall health and well-being. It is a gentle and non-intrusive technique that works at the cellular level to release crystallized physical and emotional blockages to restore the body to its authentic unified state and frequency. Imagine a carpet, if we shake it from one end, we would create a wave to run through it. If stones accumulate on the carpet, it disturbs the fluidity of the wave. However, if we continue to shake it, the stones will be removed. The objective of Trame is to remove these “stones”, these crystallized emotions from the body so that energy and information can flow freely again.



I found the TRAME sessions with Murielle to be very beneficial for me. I had specific improvements in my emotional and physical wellbeing that I attribute directly to the TRAME sessions. On two occasions I experienced an immediate physical reaction that was even surprising to me. Initially I was skeptical because I had never heard of TRAME however after my experiences I truly appreciate the benefits I received personally and will continue with TRAME sessions in the future.

JB, RN – Pennsylvania


The Origin of Trame Therapy


Trame was developed in 1990 by French physicist Patrick Burensteinas. Working on the relationship between materials and energy, between man and the universe, he deducted a unique vibrational therapy: Trame, which is a direct application of the principles of Alchemy to man.

Alchemy according to Patrick:

Through his research, the alchemist is able to understand why there exist stones, plants and animals. By conversing with them, the alchemist can understand what their role is. He is able to find the true purpose in his life by discovering the secrets of nature and of his own evolution. He understands that all is in all, seeing himself in others and others in himself. He finds unity (some refer to this as love). This means that he realizes that instead of being a lost spec in the universe, the universe is a lost spec within himself. So he finds all the answers to all his questions, the truth of what is and his place in it. Never again does he feel alone, nor abandoned.

This is the philosophy of the alchemist.

Patrick has practiced and perfected this therapy over more than 15 years on over 20,000 patients. He is an international speaker and trainer and author of the following books:

  • La Trame se soigner par l’énergie du monde
  • Le disciple, trois contes alchimiques
  • De la Matière à la Lumière


The Principle of Trame Therapy


Everything in the universe has a structural plan, a framework which is the foundation for the flow of information, and so does the human body. We are each born with a unique vibrational blueprint or frame (Trame). When the body is healthy and in balance this framework circulates information fluidly to the cells and organs. When our emotional responses to life’s events are suppressed or unresolved these emotions are crystallized and stored in the body, disrupting its inherent energetic patterning. This will result in emotional and/or physical pain. We do not always realize how beliefs, stories, stress, experiences are stored in our bodies and have the ability to change our frequency. We find ourselves confronted with lack of energy, confusion, depression, anxiety, illness. When we remove these blocks, the body will find its way back to its original and unique vibration. All our cells will start humming in harmony with the vibration of the universe, bringing us radiant health and a sense of peace and well-being.

Trame Vibrational Therapy will work in a gentle and non-intrusive way on a cellular level to remove these blocks, thus allowing your body to be restored to its original, unique vibrational frequency. You will NOT have to relive emotions or events from your past, you will NOT have to go through endless sessions of processing, you will NOT have to figure out what is causing blockages in your body, you will NOT have to do anything but allowing your body to return to its original, authentic state of being.


I have noticed a big difference in my sleep since receiving Trame treatments. Sleep affects so much and it was really bad. This is a huge improvement for me. The second big difference is the shoulder stress and what I carried in my neck and shoulders. It is so much more comfortable and feels so much better. I also feel more of a sense of calmness. I am very driven and always very wired. This has changed, there is much more of a calmness.

SG, Pennsylvania

What does a Trame session look like?


You will lie fully clothed on your back on a massage table. The practitioner will gently lay her/his hands at 16 precise locations on the body. The touch is gentle with no pressure or manipulation involved. A session will last approximately 50-60 minutes during which time you can fully relax.

An average of 3-5 sessions are recommended. More may be required. A client may also decide to continue regular treatments until he or she has achieved his or her health objectives. Trame Vibration technique adapts to the rhythm of each person. Sessions are spaced between 3 and 6 weeks apart so there is time to assimilate the work and adjust to the new vibrational frequency. There is no psychological intervention nor any diagnosis done during the session.




1 session……90USD

3 sessions….240USD

5 sessions….380USD



I went through some stressful events and it was probably due to Trame that I was able to deal with the stress and make decisions that were supportive of me. I have worked with other healers. Trame feels more encompassing and lasting in physical and emotional areas. My joints are really improved. Many of the problems have ceased to exist.

PC, Pennsylvania