The Books

Book One

Tasting Life Around the World

Cover-01“Tasting Life Around the World”
is Murielle’s first book and describes her blissful travels together with her husband and two sons. Her fascination and passion for good food and her desire to see different places, to meet new people and to be totally infused with life, spills from every page. She was always eager to share her experiences with other people, to bring them beauty and adventure . But after her cancer experience, she was inspired to share the love for this beautiful world and the joy you feel when exploring it. Tasting Life Around the World is an ode to life, a way of living in the moment every minute of every day. You will find recipes here, but even more so your own creativity will be awakened and stimulated. You will find travel suggestions in this book, but even more so you will be inspired to go and explore . You will be infused with the desire to try, see, taste, experience what Murielle is describing.  This is a book for everyone who wants to live more intuitively, for everyone who wants to get a more intense taste of this beautiful life.

In “Tasting Life Around the World” Murielle will take you on an inspiring trip from her roots in Belgium to her new home country Canada, from metropolitan Toronto to quaint Muskoka; from the rugged coasts of Newfoundland, across the Atlantic to the luminous island of Oléron in France; from an enchanted valley high up in the Pyrenees to a lush paradise on the Spanish coast. Be prepared to be submerged in the vibrant descriptions of the landscapes, to be left hungry after reading the recipes and to feel her emotions when describing her experiences during these trips. Be prepared to laugh and shed a tear, but most of all be prepared to love…

As a bonus, Murielle shares with you the wonderful pictures taken by her son Nicholas. They will only add to your desire to go and discover these beautiful places.Let your journey begin… enjoy!


Book Two

Finding My Wings – Coming Soon!

The writing of this book started with a blog that was and is called “Butterflies” in which Murielle encourages people to look at life’s experiences from another perspective. With her Butterflies she introduces people to the magic the slightest shift of consciousness can create.

The power of this book lies in the fact that every story, every advice comes from her very own experiences. This is not a self-help book full of exercises and meditation. This is not a book with suggestions on what to eat or how to breathe. This is a book that will show you the way to finding your wings just by reading it. This is a book that will allow you to enter Murielle’s heart; a heart filled with its own insecurities and stories; a heart just as human as yours. And by entering her heart you will feel your heart opening up to new possibilities because you will recognize Murielle’s stories. You will recognize her stories and you will discover new ways of looking at your own.

Finding my Wings – a selection of short stories to help you find your wings


Book Three

Tasting Life Through and Beyond Cancer – Coming Soon!

An intimate and moving account of Murielle’s journey through cancer. A story leading us on the path from Ignorance to Spirituality, exploring all these different flavors of life from Darkness to Love. Tasting Life through and beyond Cancer is a book of healing and awakening, a book that will touch your heart and inspire you to take the journey of exploring the Taste of your Life.