The Taste of Life

The Taste of Life


Blue Feather Hoop Soul Gatherings

Blue Feather Hoop Soul Gatherings is all about bringing people together to connect on the level of their soul and experience the unity with all that is. From this place of unity we step into a world of beauty and abundance; of peace and acceptance; of joy and light.

Our first Hoop on June 18th, celebrating the Solstice and the Full Moon, was all about bringing Unity. In embracing the dual energies of the Sun and the Moon, of Masculin and Feminine, of letting go and creating, we arrived at this place of unity within ourselves and with all that is

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 December 18th, 2016 Winter Solstice Despacho

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Next Event January 29, 2017:

Good Vibrations – A Unique Healing Experience!

Sunday January 29, 2017 from 10 am – 4 pm

On this day we will introduce you to this power that is within you and all around you; this power called vibration. Four unique experiential workshops combined in a day that will flow in harmony and that will have your body and soul sigh with contentment and joy. Four unique workshops that will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the limitless healing possibilities of “Good Vibrations”.

You will experience the vibration of movement and your own voice in a chakra flow yoga session; the vibration of crystals in a unique workshop where you will create your own elixir, the vibration of your emotions and how they affect your body in a Trame Vibrational Therapy workshop and the vibration of sound with a crystal bowl meditation. Some gentle integration time and a light snack will end this day that will leave you feeling grounded and refreshed, attuned and balanced and will provide you with practical tools on how to use Vibration for healing.

These four workshops including high vibrational lunch and snacks are being offered to you for only 75 $. Register before January 15, 2017 and enjoy our early bird discount: only 60 $ for this amazing day!


Your presenters for the day are

Kathleen A. Tooley, Yogi, Energy Healer, Tree-Hugger, Earth-loving Spark of Divine Light; I am a certified Kripalu yoga teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher. I offer my students the opportunity to discover how to be kind to themselves and to take them inside to the place of compassion, of self-acceptance that lives within all of us. “When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, we will know Peace.”

Kelly Thomke, Certified in Crystal Healing and reflexology, and having studied Angelic Energy and Usui Reiki, I learned more of how everything within the body is connected physically, energetically and spiritually. My trainings and life lessons are what I use to offer healing to others, providing a safe space to learn more about the body and to find your own rhythm.

Murielle Bollen,  I am a Writer, Shaman and Licensed Practitioner of Trame Therapy, accredited by The Canadian Association of La Trame. I believe that healing, true healing, has to happen from the inside out instead of the other way around. My purpose in life is to bring people back to unity, within themselves, with their environment and with the universe so that they can experience the fullest and most exquisite Taste of Life.  

Don’t miss out on this unique experience and register now at

Anahata Yoga and Wellness Center

703 Harleysville Pike in Harleysville PA 19438

What better way to start the New Year than with a gift to yourself!

The gift of a Radiant Life!

More info coming soon!

More info coming soon!