The Taste of Life

The Taste of Life

Have you ever thought about what Life actually tastes like? How its Taste changes according to what we feel, where we are and what we experience?


The Taste of Life is a complex, continuously evolving flavor that we can either totally fall in love with or deeply dislike. It is a Taste of love, but also of fear, insecurity, loss, change, joy, gratitude, … a Taste of new possibilities. Life can taste soft and sweet, but sometimes it is strong and overwhelming. Its taste can frighten or exhilarate you.

And it is in this complexity that we find its true, powerful flavor. Tasting Life to the fullest is daring to taste every flavor that you are being offered and appreciating it for what it holds. Every flavor has its secrets and its surprises, some bitter, some sweet; but always a part of that complex, full Taste of Life.

The Taste of Life is not just to be found in big moments, adventures, new experiences; it is to be found in every single moment, in this moment. The joy, the fear, the love… may be more noticeable in a big moment, but the secret lies in discovering the delicate flavors of the everyday moments. Every moment of every day holds an intricate, special flavor and it is when we let these flavors roll over our tongues, our hearts and our souls that we are Tasting Life to the fullest. That is when the Taste of Life becomes a taste of passion, of freedom and of limitless possibilities.

I invite you to take a taste of my website and allow its flavors to guide you, surprise you and maybe even change your Taste of Life. Have a bite of my Butterflies Newsletters and feel my heart speaking to your heart through my writings. And when this leaves you craving more of this Taste, visit my Books and satisfy your hunger. Indulge in my Trame Vibrational Healing page and find out how to give your body the gift of radiant health and well-being. Experience the flavors of my Events and prepare to experience something new.

Explore The Taste of Life and let your heart be filled with limitless possibilities.