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My monthly Newsletter “Butterflies, Little wings of advice to take your daily life to new spiritual destinations”will give you a peek into my life, my experiences, my moments of change; always concluded with 5 valuable tips on how to change your mind set. 

We all know that it is mostly all that goes on in daily life that makes us stressed, that prevents us from living life to the fullest, that convinces us that there is never enough time in a day, that causes us pain. And yes, we can meditate and we can do yoga, but then again you might say “I don’t have time for that”. The best way is to integrate a new way of thinking, a way of Tasting Life in everything, into your daily activities. I have been doing this myself for a while and I do notice a big difference in how I experience my daily life. I discovered that everything is much easier when I can let go of past and future and be totally in the Now, when I can Taste Life in everything I do.

So, I decided I wanted to share these experiences with you, hoping that my writing will help you discover some of your own truths, some of your own stories. Hoping that in relating to my stories you will find your way out of yours.  Hoping that my “Butterflies” will stimulate you to make some changes so that your life can become fuller and deeper, can become a life lived in love and joy. And remember “Change itself is not painful. It is resistance to change that causes us pain”.

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What is "The Taste of Life"?
The Taste of Life is about finding love in the smallest thing you do. The Taste of Life is feeling the gratitude for this beautiful world flowing through you, making your toes tingle and your head spin. The Taste of Life is passion , it is freedom, it is about being you and loving every single bit of it.

I taste life when I cook for my family and friends, creating dishes that will make their mouths water, smelling the delicate flavor of fresh herbs from my garden, inventing combinations that are intriguing in their simplicity. 

I taste life when I travel with my family. We explore new destinations, new food, new cultures and feel the pull of the unknown. We step into the adventure of life with both feet and with all our heart and that is the only way to do it. We open our heart and mind, look through the eyes of a child, with wonder and imagination and feel the love filling every cell in our body. All we need is a curious and open mind to taste that delicious, sweet, tantalizing, super satisfying, joyful Taste of Life.
I taste life when I can share my experiences with other people, bringing them hope, joy and change. When I fill my heart with love and let it radiate to everybody around me, healing their souls and filling their hearts with possibilities. 
I taste life when I write, when I am in an argument, when I am feeling down, when I am ME.

The Taste of Life is definitely a Taste of love, but also of fear, insecurity, loss, change, joy, gratitude, new possibilities... The Taste of Life is the taste of YOU.